Nevada Research & Innovation Corporation
Mission and Core Principles

The Nevada Research & Innovation Corporation (NVRIC) was created to promote research, discovery, innovation and technology transfer at the University of Nevada, Reno (the University). NVRIC will expedite movement of University research discoveries and intellectual property to the private sector in a manner that will encourage development of products and services that benefit the public consistent with the University’s public mission. NVRIC’s activities will promote entrepreneurial activities among university faculty and students as well as throughout the community and region. NVRIC’s technology transfer activities will also facilitate economic development in northern Nevada and beyond by creating and supporting startup and newly formed companies. NVRIC will be a source of mentoring and work space and act as a gateway to university faculty and facilities.


NVRIC’s Core Principles

  1. Commitment to supporting research by:
    1. Bridging fundamental research, applied research, innovation and technology transfer for the benefit of society
    2. Ensuring unfettered publication rights for researchers.
    3. Ensuring the reservation of rights in agreements so that university and other nonprofit and academic researchers can continue their investigations.
    4. Facilitating broad access to university’s research and development infrastructure.
  2. Commitment to successful transfer of University discoveries to the private sector for the benefit of the public:
    1. Requiring companies that license intellectual property to diligently pursue their use of University technologies in product development and new product introduction to the public.
    2. To the extent possible, requiring companies that license intellectual property to address unmet needs of underserved populations and/or regions, especially with respect to new and improved therapeutics and diagnostics and agricultural technologies.
    3. Providing support and mentoring to startup companies as a preferred path to development of transformative products and services.
  3. Commitment to foment economic development through partnerships with the private sector.
  4. Commitment to accountability in NVRIC policies, procedures, and project outcomes.

Approved by Board of Directors 17 January 2017